El Nino, Blessing in disguise.

El Nino
Dante Mwandawiro
Written by Dante Mwandawiro

I HAVE been thinking about the much hyped El nino rains, with the alarm, fear, warnings and all negativism associated with it; which reveals our ‘dark’ mindsets and impotence in its highest manifest, at the policy level.

El nino’s massive rains will bring much needed plenty of water which needs to be harnessed. Water to grow food as we’re yet to be food secure; water to refill out hydroelectric dams,  recharge our aquifers, charge our rivers, lakes and nurture our vegetation, especially the savanna for our wild life and forests.

El nino will test our constructed infrastructure especially the Chinese’s workmanship; the uninspected buildings in our cities; the much neglected drainage systems; the forgotten flood prone zones and  perhaps trigger dykes and bridge construction.

El nino is a blessing in disguise and we should be preparing to harvest the value it’s coming with, instead of preparing for disaster, crisis had tragedies. In other words, instead of the Ksh 5b lying idle waiting for a tragedy for it to be used, part of it should be channelled to prevention and mitigation activities now!!

At my level, I see abundance in food production and I am preparing to harvest water from my roof.