Likoni Ferry tragedy: victim received phone call from the dead!

Disturbed in his mind, John Mutinda came out of his house in Likoni at 4am on Saturday. Bare chest and with only a pair of shorts, got into his vehicle. He gazed at his watchman. Without uttering a word and sped off.

On his way, Mutinda knocked down a motorcycle as he drove towards Likoni Ferry and plunged into the sea, without stopping at the the ticketing booth.

Waking up alone on their bed, his wife Ruth Mueni came out to inquire where her husband had gone. Minutes later, she went back to the house, only to learn that her husband had died at the Likoni Ferry.

What prompted the deceased to exhibit this strange behavior?

A relative of the victim, Mr Benard Kieti said that Mutinda told his wife that he had received a call from his dead father before leaving the house in a huff. The mysterious call from his late father disturbed his mind and led to his storming out of the house and driving at high speed towards Likoni Ferry.

What could have his dead father told him during the telephone conversation?

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