Al Shabaab terrorist killed in a US drone strike in Somali

One al Shabaab terrorist in Jilib vicinity  has been killed after the US carried an airstrike. The area has recently become a theatre for al Shabaab activities. The slain terrorist, whose identity is yet to be released is said to be a valuable figure and was in charge of operations of the militant group in its stronghold of Jilib.

Director of operations, U.S. Africa Command Maj. Gen. William Gayler said that the killing of even one terrorist was as crucial as the neutralization of many. Critics have recently questioned the effectiveness of the airstrikes  in inflicting maximum causalities to the terror group, as is expected in such operations.

Al Shabaab’s new modus operandi nowadays involves using smaller and more mobile units which make it harder to be detected by surveillance drones and as such emphasis and targets by airstrikes have shifted to cover the new looming threat.

Courtesy of Strategic Intelligence Service.

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