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REVEALED! ODM’s dilemma in Kilifi County; why the smoke is still black!

Dante Mwandawiro
Written by Dante Mwandawiro

The Orange party is at crossroads in Kilifi County. It can now be revealed that ODM is yet to get a gubernatorial aspirant who can give a serious challenge to Malindi MP Hon. Aisha Jumwa. The party has been selecting one candidate after another, often going back and forth to the drawing board several times.

ODM started with Micheal Kingi, the young sibling to the current governor. However, the dynastic tag; his poor performance, and manifest unpopularity right in his own constituency compelled the party to go back to the drawing board. Next, they floated Hon. Gideon Mung’aro, CAS for Lands as their possible candidate. However, his lack of serious mobilization skills; his poor public speaking; his lack of touch on the ground, and general political lethargy led to doubts by ODM mandarins on his capability to wrestle the governorship seat. They went back to the fishing expedition.

Malindi MP, Hon. Aisha Jumwa. Her popularity has been on an exponential rise in Coast region, particularly, Kilifi County.

They brought the name of Chief Officer Ken Kazungu a.k.a Tungule. However, Tungule doubts his own capability to win the gubernatorial seat and everyone knows well that he is better fighting for Ganze parliamentary seat. He is also in good books with Hon. Jumwa and therefore cannot afford to compete against her.

Now the name being floated is even the worst political gamble of all; Kilifi Senator. Stewart Madzayo.

Grapevine has it that, shocked by the rising popularity of Aisha Jumwa, the party is relying on the fabricated cases leveled against the Malindi MP. They are praying day and night that she be found guilty so that she can be locked out of the 2022 elections. The party cannot see any of their candidates beating the Iron Lady in the ballot. Unfortunately, however, apart from the cases being weak and politically instigated, cases in Kenyan Judiciary take years before they are concluded. Jumwa will undoubtedly be in the ballot paper.

The headache in ODM is exacerbated by the silence of governor Amason Kingi, who is rumored to be inaudibly supporting Coast unity, that Hon. Aisha Jumwa is advocating for. The wave of Coast consciousness under Umoja Wa Wapwani has taken most Coast politicians off-guard and threatens to neutralize their dependency on party wave and Odingaism to win elections in the region.

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  • I conquer with you Tsom.
    Let’s hope Umoja was Pwani will not be hyjarked by political conmen this time round,
    Lests we fail to achieve the
    Purported goals.
    Wish Mama the best.